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Hacker Media - BellCoreRadio #32
by Elonka at 12:03 am EDT, Apr 25, 2006

This episode is hosted by P(?)NYB(?)Y and Elonka Dunin. The topic of the show is Cryptography and the Kryptos sculpture. In an obvious attempt to gain listeners, i feel obligated to tell you that this episode of BellCoreRadio contains clues, both to the Kryptos code as well as a code in Elonkas new book, that have
never before been released to the public!

I co-hosted the latest episode of BellCoreRadio, after having met the host, P0nyb0y, at the Notacon hacker conference in Cleveland. The "show" is basically an hour of the two of us chatting about Kryptos, the K2 announcement and related media attention, and my book.

Caveat: The audio levels on the podcast are a bit erratic, so keep your volume control close at hand while listening. If you can work through the sound quality though, it's (IMHO) an interesting conversation.

Elonka :)

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