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MemeStreams is a web community that was started in 2001 as an experiment in new kinds of online social networking technologies. In the years following its debut, this site has developed a small but dedicated following. Our users include computer professionals, scientists, lawyers, hackers, artists, entrepreneurs and educators who all share an interest in mining the vast reaches of the Internet in search of insights about the world we live in and where its going.

Typical topics discussed here include computer security, the war on terrorism, avant-garde music, civil liberties, and current events, but we welcome new users who have other subjects they'd like to discuss.

MemeStreams facilitates discussion by combining the functionality of weblogs, social networking sites, and web bulletin boards. We employ a reputation system which keeps track of which users you find relevant links and information from. In this way MemeStreams builds social networks based on mutual interest, rather than on prior acquaintance. It uses this social network to provide you with a unique view of the content in the system, focused on the people you have connections with.

Browse around on our site and take a look at some of the content here. If you find something that interests you, or you have something you'd like to contribute, signup and join the discussion.

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