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STLtoday - Entertainment - Books - Author update
by Elonka at 1:22 am EDT, Apr 23, 2006

Book news


Author update

A local code breaker is getting closer to cracking Kryptos, a sculpture on the CIA grounds in Washington with an embedded code that has stumped experts for years.

Two weeks ago, the Post-Dispatch featured Elonka Dunin, a St. Charles computer game company executive, about her new book of codes and puzzles. She co-moderates an online group devoted to solving Kryptos. The group has figured out three of four parts.

This is an interesting milestone for me -- my name showed up in a newspaper article, without me having talked to the reporter ahead of time. Granted, it's a local St. Louis paper that is just posting an update based on recent media attention that I *do* know about, but still, it was kind of an odd feeling. Like a new "fame" stepping stone.


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