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an imperfect grasp of the new way of thinking
by noteworthy at 3:48 pm EST, Feb 23, 2014

Commander Steven Caluris, who works on the Chicago Police Department's predictive policing program:

If you end up on that list, there's a reason you're there.

David Cole:

The threat is no longer a matter of science fiction. It's here.

Freeman Dyson:

Science is not concerned only with things that we understand. The most exciting and creative parts of science are concerned with things that we are still struggling to understand. Wrong theories are not an impediment to the progress of science. They are a central part of the struggle.

The more brilliant the enterprise, the greater the risks. Every scientific revolution requires a shift from one way of thinking to another. The pioneer who leads the shift has an imperfect grasp of the new way of thinking and cannot foresee its consequences. Wrong ideas and false trails are part of the landscape to be explored.

Semil Shah:

Real risk is about falling down in a way where it's hard to get back up. We should not be fooled by how hard this all is in a day when the word is just thrown around. It is about exploring, about going somewhere (and in some fashion) only a few will know, with no guarantee of a return ticket.

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